INFOSTA (Information Science and Technology Association, Japan) is a non-profit organization, and has been the association for promoting information professionals leading better theories, search techniques, and technologies to improve access to appropriate information. The purpose of   INFOSTA is to provide its members the opportunities for studying and discussing on Information concerning information production,  management, and research for the study of effective use of information and its technology. Not only for developing these knowledges and activities, but INFOSTA also supports the diffusion of  knowledge, and generalize the new method through exchanging information, technology, and its transfer. INFOSTA believes these activities will surely  devote to the progress of information science and technology, which will lead to the prosperity for business and industry.

Since its predecessor, the “UDC Association” of Japan, was established in 1950, and joined the “Fédération internationale d'information et de documentation (FID)” as a member in the year. The Association started promoting the utilization of the Universal Decimal Classification in Japan as the Exclusive Agent and also started publishing the journal, "UDC Information". In 1958, the name of "UDC Association" was changed into "The Japan Documentation Society", and according to this, the name of the journal was also changed to "Dokumenteisyon Kenkyu - The Journal of the Japan Documentation Society", and since 1968, the journal was published as monthly bases. 

The needs of information and documentation, and their management methods were in progress, and the Association held the first "Documentation Symposium 1971" to reply for the needs of users. It was started from late 1970's that online database service in Japanese, and also that of in English and other languages service by  foreign institutions or by their representatives were started in early 1980's. And these activities were supported by the progress of international packet switching network service for both domestic and international circumstances. Under these networking progress the media environment was rapidly changed from paper document into online database. Using these database service, Searchers in industry could well support the research workers by the study of consistent research technique and its development especially in the field of STM area. INFOSTA Symposium (formally Documentation Symposium, held every year science 1971) was supported by Searchers, Information Specialists and Information Scientists. After late 1980s, online database service became influential for the study in industry, not only STM area but  patent, and business fields. According to this new current, the requirement for the development of information professionals, and established Searchers became stronger according to rapid progress of Japanese Economy.

Initially, INFOSTA introduced the Examination to Qualify the Basic Knowledge, and skills for database searching in 1985, but the requirements to extend the level of the examination from the next year, INFOSTA expanded the examination to its more professional levels in width and depth, and also emphasized the importance of “Information” on the creation of new technological development in industry.  These activities were supported by its’ education programs, periodicals, monographs, and other publications. And various studies of online database use and creation were organized by the members, Online User Group (OUG) and Special Interest Group (SIG). After the Internet became popular, the meaning of “Database” and “Information” were changing and requesting to reexamine the concept of these words in the vast of “Information”. It should be clear that the importance of “Information Science and Information Technology” had almost no change for the Association by the explosion of consumer information. It is sure that the importance of quality of information was rather revealed by its quantity of information.

In 2004, INFOSTA resigned the UDC Executive Committee Member, and also the Member of UDC Committee, and at the same time INFOSTA stopped to represent the UDCC business, publishing UDC books and CD-ROM in Japan.

INFOSTA held the first joint conference “INFOPRO 2004” with the Japan Science Technology Agency (JST) in November 2004, it would suggest the opening of a new age on “ Information” for the field of science and technology in this country. The role of database and information for Information Professionals is "reliability" with accuracy and speed. The 3rd joint conference "INFOPRO 2006" was held successfully in November 16th, and 17th, 2006 at  Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) in Odaiba. The 4th joint conference "INFOPRO 2007" will be held in November at Miraikan.

INFOSTA promotes Information Professionals by organizing a broader range of information activities reliable, by providing focus, opportunity, and support to information professionals and organization to establish a new information professionalism where information is of central necessity to professional , social, and economics progress, and their benefits to society.
In 2007, INFOSTA is challenging new valuing theory, research, application, and service, increasing public awareness of the information sciences and technologies for the next  decade.


1. Training Courses and Seminars

INFOSTA provides training programs not only for information specialists but for information end users who mainlyworking in R&D and planning sections in industry. Programs are for the training of professional database Searchers,Information Specialists, and Information Scientists, and other several courses for Chief Information Officers (CIO), andChief Strategy Officers (CSO) on recent topics what is the strategic use of information industry.

They sometimes visit the information-related organizations like Information Providers, Venders, Distributors, Associations& Agencies, and Libraries to hear the most efficient way to use these services. Seminar helps Information Specialists torefresh their knowledge and skills by providing lectures and discussions introducing the most recent topics from FAQ, as an example, and Internet. The schedules of the training programs are made up giving careful consideration to the mostrecent trends in the information world as well as members' requests each year.

2.Symposium for “INFOPRO 2007” (formally INFOSTA Symposium, Documentation Symposium)

The annual symposium provides information professionals with an opportunity to publish their studies on various subjects related to information, or their day-to-day experiences in the field of information management. The Special Seminar and panel discussions according to the timely topics would be held in the annual symposium.  INFOSTA and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) combined the each annual symposium into one, and held “INFOPRO 2004” cooperatively as the New Symposium in November 2004. The 4th joint conference "INFOPRO 2007" will be held in November 2007. One of the JST mission is “Promotion of dissemination of scientific and technical information”. It will be quite certain to strengthen alliances and cooperation for both INFOSTA and JST, Non-profit organization.


The examination started in 1985 aiming at encouraging database Searchers to improve their skills and knowledge. The applicants who have passed the elementary (Class 2) examination are admitted in the advanced (Class 1) exam. These qualification examinations give the status for the Professional Searchers, Information Specialists, and Information Scientists who has been engaging information searching as their jobs in industry. The number of applicants of the year 2006 was, Class 2 = 282 people, and Class 1 = 23 people.



This examination certifies the basic knowledge on information retrieval of students and business people who wish to work at the information related jobs, like library staff and supporting information searching staff, and students studying Library Course at the Universities and Junior Colleges.  Having knowledge on information retrieval has become a prerequisite for the people who is working in the fields that require information as resources. In response to this trend, INFOSTA started the “Basic Knowledge and Skills” examination from 1993, and this examination has been a foundation to develop information professionals in this country. The number of applicants of the year 2006 was 854 people.



1. Online Database Users Group (OUG)

This group was organized to discuss issues encountered daily in database searching, such as selection of databases, search terms, query formula, and other various techniques. It also proposes and encouraging database producers or system providers to improve, or enhance their databases or searching system through the mutual communications Users and Providers.

In addition to the general assembly and lectures for all members, the following specialty groups meet regularly bases.

    - Chemistry Study
    - Life Science Study

    - Internet/Business Study

    - Patent Study

2. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIGs are voluntary study groups of the members on specific topics. Each group meets in its own schedule and collects membership fee independently. Currently active SIGs include:

     - Technical Journal Study
     - Patent Documentation Study

- Classification/Thesaurus/Indexing Study

- Web Site Study

- Terminology Study

3. Standardization

INFOSTA has long been engaged in promotion of standardization in information processing fields. INFOSTA, with the Standardization Committee as a focal point has been cooperated with ISO/TC46 (Information and Documentation) Group, and has prepared several Japan Industry Standard (JIS) draft proposals, and also

supporting the activity of “Standards for Information of Science and Technology (SIST)”.

4.    Research on Copyright Issue

 Development of new information media has raised various issues of copyright.  INFOSTA has two studies, and one is to research for the movement of Japanese Copyright Law, and that of US and EU countries, and protest the opinions in Academic world. Another one is to give solutions for the member, as a group of information specialists, to propose appropriate consultation for Copyright Clearance issues from the aspects of users' side, beside for ensuring the protection of the rights of copyright holders.


1. The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association (Joho no Kagaku to Gijutsu)

This is an official INFOSTA's monthly journal for members, and also available each individual copy at bookstores. The feature of articles are for Information Professionals composed by the theory and practice of Information Science and also reviewing new technologies and trends in the global information world. It also publishes original papers, translations of papers published in foreign countries, book reviews and forum as well as lecture series for and by  information professionals.

2. Other Monographs

INFOSTA has been publishing a number of books on information management practice including database searching technique for both novices and experienced searchers. All the publications are written in Japanese, except “Science Information in Japan, 4th Ed. 1994”. Please refer to the List of INFOSTA publications from the URL .The odder is acceptable from the URL or by mail (


1. Diagnosis, Design and Improvement of Information Management Systems

INFOSTA helps any organization train information professionals or librarians. Trainers will be INFOSTA members with experiences in information management in general or those qualified as Consultant Engineers in the field of Information Processing or Production Management.

2. Production of Documents and Databases

INFOSTA provides cataloging, indexing and abstracting services for various in-house documents (periodicals, technical reports, annual reports, etc.) and literature search services.

3. Assisting Librarian

NFOSTA can help corporate and academic libraries organize their collections by their classification scheme and methods. Details will be arranged individually.

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INFOSTA(Information Science and Technology Association) is a non-profit professional association organized for promoting information activity in Japan and is dedicated to provide its members with opportunities for studying and discussing on various issues concerning information and its transfer.