ISO/TC46/SC 10 文書保管の要件と保存の条件

名称:ISO/TC 46/SC 10 Requirements for document storage and conditions for preservation
幹事国:Germany (DIN)



ISO/TC 46/SC 10/WG 1
Document storage requirements
ISO/TC 46/SC 10/WG 7
Requirements for materials related to preservation


ISO 9706:1994
Information and documentation — Paper for documents — Requirements for permanence
90.93 承認
ISO 11108:1996
Information and documentation — Archival paper — Requirements for permanence and durability
90.93 承認
ISO 11798:1999
Information and documentation — Permanence and durability of writing, printing and copying on paper — Requirements and test methods
90.93 承認
ISO 11799:2015
Information and documentation — Document storage requirements for archive and library materials
60.60 発行済
ISO 11800:1998
Information and documentation — Requirements for binding materials and methods used in the manufacture of books
90.20 定期的見直し中
ISO 14416:2003
Information and documentation — Requirements for binding of books, periodicals, serials and other paper documents for archive and library use — Methods and materials
90.20 定期的見直し中
ISO 16245:2009
Information and documentation — Boxes, file covers and other enclosures, made from cellulosic materials, for storage of paper and parchment documents
90.93 承認
ISO/TS 18344:2016
Effectiveness of paper deacidification processes
90.20 定期的見直し中
ISO/TR 19814:2017
Information and documentation — Collections management for archives and libraries
60.60 発行済
ISO/TR 19815:2018
Information and documentation — Management of the environmental conditions for archive and library collections
60.60 発行済
ISO/DIS 21110
Information and documentation — Emergency preparedness and response
40.60 DIS投票終了
ISO/AWI 23404
Information and documentation — Papers and boards used for the conservation — Measurement of the impact of conservation materials on paper cellulose
20.00 新規プロジェクト登録