The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association
(Johono Kagaku to Gijutsu)
Vol. 53 (2003) , No.3
Special feature : Human resources development

Education for librarians as Information Professionals in Japan : Existing Circumstances and Problems
(School of Library and Information Science, Keio University(15-45, Mita 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345))

 Abstract : There are no view points of libraries and librarians in discussions of information resources problems in Japan. Moreover there are few discussions on professional librarians when information professionals are discussed. The representative qualification for librarians is “shisho" in Japanese library world. But “shisho" is the qualification for expert of public librarian. The “shisho" is actually used for the academic and special librarians because of the lack of proper qualifications for them. These situations in Japan mean the needs and necessities of qualifications for the qualified information professionals in Japanese library world. Such Japanese qualified information professionals must be satisfied the international or North American standards of information professionals.

 Keywords : Association of Information Professional / Librarian / Library Education / Teaching Course of Library Science / Semminar on Library Science / Library Law / Library School / Professional Association

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Requirements for Human Resource Development ―Organization, Management, Due Appraisal and Motivation―
(Information Resources Group, Social Affairs Bureau, Japan Business Federation (1-9-4, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8188))

 Abstract : As the information environment changes and progresses, the role of librarian is expected to expand and develop. However, there is discrepancy between desirable picture and the reality. What is important for developing human resource is meaningfulness of work. We also need to think concretely instead of generally or abstractly. Goal should be identified and the program needs to be updated by the ‘trinity' of educators, labor's union and field managers.
 Good working environment of ventilation and flatness increases motivation. Due appraisal system should be premised on education opportunities for workers and achievement analysis. For that, the role of managers is huge and change of attitudes is necessary for managers rather than staff.

 Keywords : librarian / professionals / management / human resource development / managers / organization / due appraisal / motivation

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Skill improvement of specialist groups
(Zephyr Corporation (Star-Plaza Room 705, 1-4513-1 Sobudai, Zama-City, Kanagawa 228-0011))

 Abstract : In politics and business, we know there is often a gap between age demands and actual systems/talents. In a rapidly changing society, most of politicians and managers are people who grew up in a quite different society, and received education in an old style. How can we manage when those people are leading such society?
 The world of the ST information is not exceptions. Promotion of the talents who can correspond to the future is one of the pressing needs in the age. The author had taken charge of the education of databases and e-journals from 1980's. The author discusses about the title based on his experiences.

 Keywords : Specialists Groups / Skill Improvement / Training / Trainer / Systematic Management

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Personnel training of information center in corporation
(Shimizu Corporation IT Solution Division System Plannning Department (No. 2-3, Shibaura 1 chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8007))

 Abstract : The library and the information center are set in budget curtailment, personnel reduction, and very severe environment. It is said to be the important factor which overcomes this situation such inside what capability to be needed for the talented people of a information center. Then, from the past experience, what capability is required or it considers how it is put on and whether it hands down to the younger generation.

 Keywords : personnel training / data base / marketin / library / information center

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The substance of re-education systems using graduate schools for working persons, and the way to plan the systems by themselves
Kazushi OHYA
(Maruzen Co., Ltd. (Nihonbashi 2-3-10, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8245))

 Abstract : Re-education systems using graduate schools for working person are not accepted yet. In the circumstances, those who aim to cultivate ability on the systems have to prepare themselves for realizing such re-education systems. At first, we have to check pros and cons of the systems to confirm our decisions. Then, we have to prepare measures like project books and literatures explaining graduate schools, and accomplishment of our own. In this paper, I list the items of preparations, present one case, and propose some stances on facing the difficulties.

 Keywords : working persons / graduate schools / re-education systems / working students / cultivation / research / practical knowledge

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Search for future Patent Information Retrieval System from two points of view “Indexing & Retrieval"
(TEIJIN Technical Information LTD (IINO Bldg, 1-1, Uchisaiwaicho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8585)),

 Abstract : In order to improve both the recall ratio and the relevance ratio, search for future Patent Information System is studied by viewing suggestions of five axioms of Fugmann from two points of view “Indexing & Retrieval".
 Private seven dreams are proposed for improving Retrieval system, and for realizing tool aids & interfaces.

 Keywords : Indexing / Classification / Natural language / Retrieval system / Recall ratio / Relevant ratio / Query thesaurus / Grammar / Database

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