The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association
(Johono Kagaku to Gijutsu)

Vol. 57 (2007), No.7

Outsourcing at libraries

Outsourcing and academic libraries in Japan

Rikkyo University Library
3-34-1 Nishi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-8501 JAPAN

Abstract:About problems with outsourcing that college and university libraries have, the author points out that there are budget cuts, organizational change, pursuit of core competence, slowness of library cooperation as the cause. Also shows those solutions with problems caused by university libraries, outsourcing companies and companies' employees each concretely. In addition, the author suggests it after having paid attention to the action plan that NII prepares for unless he can miss that libraries deepen their cooperative activities to solve problems.

Keywords:  out-sourcing / academic libraries / NII / core-competence / Yamanote Line Private University Library Consortium / Institute for Assistance of Academic Libraries / bibliographic utility

Outsourcing for management:
An introduction to some issues on managing the outsourcing for the business enterprises and the government organizations

Setsunan University
17-8 Ikeda-nakamachi, Neyagawa City, Osaka 572-8508 JAPAN

Abstract:This paper introduces some issues on managing the outsourcing for the business organizations as well as for the government ones. The purposes of business enterprises are different from those of government organizations, while they are common with each other in many aspects. Therefore, this paper aims to discuss the outsourcing in terms of the commonness between the enterprises and the governments. First, we deal with the background and reasons that organizations do outsourcing. Second, we explain some business areas where outsourcing fits in, with others where it does not fit in. Thirdly, we describe both the merit and the demerit of the outsourcing. Fourthly, we state the advanced outsourcing case. Finally, we explain some success factors for the outsourcing.

Keywords:  management / enterprise / government / outsourcing / collaboration / strategic alliance / core competencies / success factors

Outsourcing at the Meiji University Library
-For enhancement and sophistication of our service-

Meiji University Library
1-1 Kanda-Surugadai Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8301 JAPAN

Abstract:Outsourcing at the Meiji University Library; Since we had farmed out the data-processing task, which is prospective input of the books in English and other western languages, for replacement our library catalogue to MARC(machine readable catalogue) format in 1987, outsourcing has mostly used for the routine cataloging task.
 The outsourcing was spread into every domain of library in the downsizing trend of whole university organization, the enhancement and sophistication of our service, such as immediate circulation, expansion of the numbers of days open and opening to local society, is brought to realization.
 On the other hand, the deep-rooted problems occurs that it becomes difficult to develop human resources in the library under the situation that our skills are not taken over. It is necessary to clarify the tasks that we should not farm out and make a librarian professional occupation.

Keywords:  immediate circulation / service enhancement / service sophistication / development of human resources / core competence / professional librarian

Introduction to the outsourcing policy of Ritsumeikan University Library
−Strategic plan to establish professional development−

Nahoko ISHII
Ritsumeikan University Library
56-1 Toji-in Kitamachi,Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8577 JAPAN

Abstract:University libraries are expected to fulfill universities' obligations on education and research activities as a core station of intelligence infrastructure. The purpose of this paper is to overview the reorganization of Ritsumeikan University Library and the outsourcing policy since 1995. It also overviews the future possibility of library services.

Keywords:  outsourcing / Ritsumeikan University / library organization / library management / professional skill

Review! outsourcing
-On Doshisha University's case example of catalog organization-

Doshisha University Library and Information Technology Center Library Technical Services Department
Karasuma-Higashi-iru, Imadegawa-dori, kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8580 JAPAN

Abstract:From a managerial perspective, outsourcing is an unavoidable issue in present time. Since April 2001, Doshisha University has outsourced all cataloging functions. Staff reduction in the cataloging department successfully enabled reallocation of the staff to more strategic areas at that time. However, the cataloging department has experienced various problems on site. Under the restricted budgets, site supervisors are given no other choice than maximizing the effectiveness of the outsourcing. Among needed improvements from various angles, the "specification sheet" and "evaluation check" are key issues in a relationship with an outsourcing vendor. This article is based on a lecture presented during the 8th Library Fair & Forum in November 2006.

Keywords:  outsourcing / subcontracting / NACSIS-CAT / specification sheet / evaluation check / management/ talog / catalog organization

Effective use of temporary workers in small-medium scale academic library

Library of University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
3-1 Gakuen-Nishimachi, Nishi-ku, Kobe 651-2188 JAPAN

Abstract:As outsourcing in the wide sense, the use of temporary staff is examined from the viewpoint of the small-medium scale academic library. Whether it is use of not the consignment of business activities why but temporary staff is described. When the temporary staff is introduced, the points that should be noted, effect of temporary staff introduction and its activation are discussed. To ask the temporary staff is to ask full-time staff's ideal way.

Keywords:  library management / outsourcing / temporary worker / academic library / librarian

Inventor citation patents and development of its extraction system

Masamichi MUGURUMA
Muguruma Professional Engineer Office
4-37-6 Nishinarusawa-cho, Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki-ken 316-0032 JAPAN

Abstract:Some kinds and its features of citation documents in Japanese patent system were described. The various formats of the Cited Patent by Inventor (CPI) written by inventors in Japanese patent specifications were analyzed. A high precision CPI extracting system from the patent specification was developed by the author. The real status of the CPI from 1993 was uncovered by the article. In the nanotechnology field as example, it was showed that the CPI was more useful tool than cited patent by examiner.

Keywords:  citation patent / cited patent by inventor / citation extraction / cited patent by examiner / nanotechnology

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