The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association
(Johono Kagaku to Gijutsu)

Vol. 57 (2007), No.3

The 3rd information professional symposiumFINFOPRO2006

SeriesFDigital archiving of rare books by the HUMI Project (12)
Expectations for the future

HUMI Project, Keio University
2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345 JAPAN

AbstractFIn the series of eleven articles in the past issues, explanations were made on various topics of digital archiving of rare books, including those unique to the HUMI Project, such as original photographing methods and the Digital Bibliography. In the present article, which concludes the series, future views on the field will be recounted, such as the change of digital image acquisition method of rare books, the formation of a specialized field of producing digital images of rare books, and the future activities of the HUMI Project. Referring to some topics discussed in the past articles, the existing problems will be pointed out and considerations and expectations for the future will be described.

KeywordsF  rare book / digital archiving / digital camera / digital image / digitization / HUMI Project / Digital Bibliography / XML

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