The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association
(Johono Kagaku to Gijutsu)
Vol. 55 (2005) , No.6
Special feature : The current state of electronic journals

Electronic journals : a brief overview,

Shinya KATO (Yamagata University Library, (1-4-12 Kojirakawa Yamagata 990-8560 JAPAN))

Abstract : The paper reviews the current state of electronic journals. Topics covered are definition, publishing, pricing, university library and usage. Especially, the number of electronic journals, merger and acquisition of publishers, cosortial pricing, flip pricing, usage of large national universities, transaction log analysis, and impact on ILL are discussed.
Keywords : electronic journal / publishing / pricing / ILL / university library

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Open Access: evidence-based policy or policy-based evidence?
 The university press perspective

MARTIN RICHARDSON (Managing Director, Oxford Journals , Oxford University Press (Great Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX2 6DP, United Kingdom, Email : martin. Tel : +44 1865 353780, Fax : +44 1865 353200))

Abstract : Open access has both advocates and sceptics. It could be said that we are still at a ‘superstition and witchcraft' state of knowledge: everyone has an opinion, but hard facts are lacking, and few who speak either for, or against, open access can provide detailed evidence for their viewpoints. Oxford Journals is keen to experiment with any new business models that might help us fulfill our mission of maximizing accessibility to research information. The objectives of our experimentation are both to test the long-term financial viability of new models, and also to ensure that they really do achieve wider dissemination than existing models.

Keywords :open access / business model / institutional repository / archive / author charge / author pays

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Elsevier's strategy for electronic journal publishing
Shoji TAKAHASHI (Elsevier Japan KK, (Higashi-Azabu 1-Chome Bldg. 4F, 1-9-15 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044 JAPAN))

Abstract : Elsevier has contributed to the dissemination of scientific information through its electronic journal platform, ScienceDirect, by providing various licensing options and developing a large scale backfile program to digitize all its journals back to volume 1 and issue 1. This paper discusses Elsevier's position on new publishing models such as author-pays open access journals and self-archiving that have been made possible by the development of the Internet. It also discusses Elsevier's efforts in ensuring long-term access to its digital archive including its official archive contract with the National Library of the Netherlands.

Keywords : electronic journals / ScienceDirect / backfiles / open access / self-archiving / digital archive

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The current state and the future of Electronic Journals management in Keio University. ―focusing on the EJ-accessibility 

Minoru TANABE (Media Center of Keio University, (2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345 JAPAN)), Masako YAMADA (Media Center of Keio University, (2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345 JAPAN))

Abstract : Foreign journals has been changing to digitize with increasing speed year by year. And the movement makes library staff to complicate the management of Electronic Journals (EJ). Recently, in Keio University, the environment in which libraries has dramatically changed. On the other hand, users are also not satisfied with various means to use the EJ and with restricted access from off-campus area. Based on these changes, let us introduce how the library staff does manage the EJ and draw the ERMS model, as the focus on access control of EJ.
Keywords : ERM / accessibility / EBSCO AtoZ / ERMS / aggregator / OpenURL / Link Resolver / Authentication / access control / ppp / VPN / proxy / EZProxy / Web Service

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The impact of electronic journals on Kyushu University Library

Yukiko WATANABE (Journal Information Section, Information Processing and Management Division, Kyushu University Library, (6-10-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-8581, JAPAN))
Abstract : This article is a case report about the impact of electronic journals on user services and serials management at Kyushu University Library. First, we look back the introduction process of the electronic journals at the library. Second, our user supports such as Working Groups on information services, OPAC, e-journals list, the new e-journal management tool, and OpenURL link resolver are described. Third, the trends of e-journal use are surveyed based on the statistical data of ILL photocopy, download, etc. Finally, the changes of serials management and reorganization of our library caused by e-journals are reported.
Keywords : electronic journal / academic library / Kyushu University / navigation / linking / serials management / reorganization

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Electronic Resource Management System (ERMS)  

Hiroyuki ITO (Technical Support Group, Usaco Corporation, (2-17-12, Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 104-0066 JAPAN))
Abstract : Amazing growth of electronic resources changed library operations dynamically. On the contrary, most libraries use their existing Integrated Library System (ILS) for core acquisitions functions. The nature of electronic resources may differ in many ways than that of circulation. It is clear enough that there are no such tools for managing electronic resources. In this article, current trends on Electronic Resource Management System (ERMS), functionalities of ERMS and efforts of academic libraries in North America will be reported.

Keywords : electronic resource management system / academic library / Digital Library Federation / electronic journal / metadata / XML / standard / library system vendor

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